Frilford Heath Golf Club

Adverse Weather Policy

Frilford Heath consider the safety of its Members and Guests the top priority during inclement weather. Weather reports and local conditions are monitored during adverse weather conditions. In the event of adverse weather then the duty manager/pro shop/estate manager may at their discretion close the courses. 

In the unlikely event that adverse weather does affect play, the club will endeavour to keep any delays to an absolute minimum. 

All golfers are reminded of the importance of having adequate insurance whilst playing golf. 

Fog Policy

In the presence of fog, the Golf Team and Courses Manager will monitor designated markers at a 200-yard distance across the site. If visibility is below this, the golf courses will be CLOSED. Members and Visitors will be informed on arrival and be asked to wait until the course reopens. When the course reopens the Golf Team will restart tee times in booking order as quickly and as safely as possible. 

It is important to remember your responsibility as golfer, should a bank of fog roll in whilst playing, you should not take your next shot until it is safe to do so.  

Lightning Policy 

In the unlikely event that lightning is evident whilst playing golf, all golfers are reminded of the procedures regarding lightning as below. A Claxon will be sounded to advise that lightening is in the vicinity.

If there is a risk of lightning play MUST be discontinued and golfers are advised to wait for the lightning to cease before continuing the round.  Frilford Heath Golf Club do not accept responsibility for the safety of any golfer on the courses and it is therefore the responsibility of the golfer to remove himself/herself from any situation which is deemed unsafe. 

Seeking Shelter

Do not seek shelter under trees. Trees do not protect you from lightning. 

If the clubhouse is too far away, players should leave their clubs and seek protection in the nearest storm shelter or bunker and crouch down making themselves as small a target as possible (feet together, hands on knees and head tucked in). 

If golfers decide to abandon their round, rather than wait for the lightning to cease, refunds will not apply. Golfers will be advised of any lightning that is evident on the course at that time of checking in, but it is the decision of the golfer whether to play or not.

Although the Club will take every precaution to ensure the safety of players during a lightning or thunderstorm, it is a player’s own responsibility to discontinue play when in his/her opinion

Lightening is a threat. It is not always possible to monitor conditions on the entire course and players have a duty of care to themselves. 


Frilford Heath Golf Club recommends that all golfers adhere to the lightning policy. Failure to do so is at your own risk and we accept no liability for any golfer who fails to co-operate with this policy. 

It is not the responsibility of staff to retrieve clubs, equipment or trolleys from the course during a lightning storm where play has been suspended, as their safety may be jeopardised. 

Please note that golf buggies do NOT give protection from lightning. 

In case of emergency 

If someone is hit by lightning, call emergency services – they will need help as soon as possible. If you know first aid, apply it – you will not receive an electric shock. A lightning strike is not usually instantly fatal, victims' hearts and/or breathing may stop however, so quick application of CPR will likely save their life. 


Insurance and Safety 

Everyone is advised to ensure they are adequately insured whilst playing golf. In the interests of safety, please ensure no one is in range before playing a shot. Be aware of flying golf balls. Golf shoes must be worn. All players are reminded all golf is played at own risk including all weather conditions.

Policy was updated on 13 January 2024

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